ice covered and slippery

And the winter weather has finally kicked in. Not sure why it took this long, but we’ve been under a winter storm watch all day and will be until tomorrow morning. Snow started to fall soon after we got to work. Temps plummeted. Snow, sleet and rain took turns dumping on most of the state all through the day. Lots of other people left work early. We stayed. When you’re already facing a potentially disastrous commute, what difference does it make whether you go at three o’clock or at five? We drove home in a heavy downpour of sleet but traffic was miraculously light and there were only two or three road accidents along the way that didn’t block our route. Sleet continued to pour down as I shoveled the driveway, turning to rain as it tapered off. The roads are slick enough to skate on now. Driving to work in the morning will be the kind of “interesting” that has been described as “Oh God Oh God We’re All Gonna Die!”

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