hat or snake

After yoga on Friday night, we drove up Willy Street to the Roman Candle pizzeria to feast upon a sixteen-inch pie made with pepperoni, sausage, bacon and onions. B was hungry and wanted something that would really stick to her ribs. The young lady who waited on us had dozens of small tattooed figures on her arms, one of which looked a little like a man’s fedora. For a few minutes I wondered why she had a hat tattooed on her arm, but then it hit me, and I had to ask. “Pardon me,” I said, and pointed at her arm, “but is that a drawing of a snake that has swallowed an elephant?” She was puzzled at first because she wasn’t sure what I was pointing at, but when she got the idea her eyes lit up. Turned out the Little Prince was one of her favorite books, too.

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