What I learned in yoga class most recently:

That if I concentrate, utilize breath control and engage my core muscles, I can keep myself from farting no matter how much gas is trying to poot out of my behind. And it was trying so very hard. As soon as I lifted my butt into the air for my first downward dog I was sure that I would bust wide open before class was over, and yet somehow I managed to hold it back that time and when I did a dozen more for more than an hour. Clearly there is more to yoga than I thought before.

Our instructor used the phrase “criss-cross applesauce” to describe sitting cross-legged. That’s a new one on me. When I was a kid we would’ve called that “Indian style,” and just “cross-legged” after we grew up realized how many of the words and phrases we’d been taught as kids were racist as all get-out.

Annnd we learned some yoga. Can’t remember what now.

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