“So what do you think,” I asked My Darling B the other night, over the dinner table, “is Pluto a planet, or isn’t it?”

I’ve tried many times to engage B on all kinds of different subjects that flip my space geek switch – the vastness of cosmology, the mind-blowing revelations of physics, the just plain cool beans of astronauts and space ships, but they all leave cross-eyed and yawning. She’s just not a nerd for the cosmos.

But ask her about Pluto and, oh man! She’s got an opinion about that!

“Pluto is definitely a planet,” she said with a finality I hadn’t heard since I’d last been lectured to by a nun. “That’s the way I learned it, and that’s the way it’s always going to be, as far as I’m concerned.”

In light of her passion for Pluto, I thought she might be interested in the existence of a tenth planet even farther away and even more massive than Pluto, but her eyes glazed over and she went back to chewing on her dinner. Nope. Pluto’s about as far out into space as she’ll go.

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