Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

I broke a glass while washing dishes and cut my finger. Not a deep cut, but it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Couldn’t finish washing dishes until it stopped. I tried cold water, then direct pressure. I tried tightly bandaging it. It kept bleeding.

I just wanted to finish washing the dishes! So I washed them with my left hand only, rinsed them off carefully and left them on the drain board to drip-dry.

This is the third time I’ve cut myself this week. Yesterday I cut the end of my middle finger on the plastic tip of my shoelace. My shoelace! And a day or two ago I cut the tip of my thumb open. So now I’ve got three cuts that won’t heal until some time in April because of how my hands dry out during the winter.

a thousand cuts | 11:52 am CST
Category: yet another rant
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