I have literally lost two inches off my waist between this morning and last night, when I stuffed myself with a meal of bibimbap and spring rolls at the weekend soft opening of Tory Miller’s new restaurant, Sujeo. I shouldn’t have eaten so much; I should have eaten half and taken the other half home for lunch the next day, or a late-night snack, but it was so tasty that I didn’t want to stop.

It was the spicy pork bibimbap. It’s spicy, but not too; a nice mix of meat and veggies and a generous portion, but not outrageously so. Comes with a fried egg on top. Almost as good as the bibimbap My Darling B makes (her secret, I believe, may be the spicy sauce, but I have no knowledge of how she makes it so there’s no way on earth or in heaven that I can divulge any of that, don’t even think you can).

As a lead-in to the bibimbap, I had a spring roll. Delicious! Nice and leafy with a tender chunk of shrimp tucked away inside. Came with a peanut sauce that I eagerly scooped up and slathered on with my chopsticks. And Sujeo is the one place in town where I’ve had a spring roll that wasn’t overstuffed with way too much cilantro. Thank goodness.

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