Happy Anniversary

To celebrate twenty-five years of wedded bliss, we took Monday off and made a long weekend so we could hang out and relax with each other. We thought we might like to travel, maybe to Minneapolis or to Door County, but in the end we decided that we’d be a lot more comfortable here, and we could use all that money we were going to blow on lodging to pay for entertainment, food and booze. Best decision we could have made.

Yesterday, for instance, we saw a show, Kiss Me Kate, the musical version of The Taming of the Shrew, then went to Ikon, a tapas restaurant just up the street, for cocktails and a lovely dinner.  Or this morning, when My Darling B got a craving for grilled shrimp, we went to Edo Garden, a local Japanese restaurant, for brunch.  When we weren’t going to a show or spoiling ourselves at a restaurant, we sat on the sofa and read books while teasing the cat. Or, last night we played tunes on Spotify and tried to see if we could remember how to foxtrot. (We couldn’t.)

In retrospect, the one thing we would have done different is take two days off to make a four-day weekend out of it, because it’s been so much fun. Next year …

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