Saturday, April 26th, 2014

The Crazy Legs Classic is on today. Not that either My Darling B or I will be running in it. We won’t even be in one of the fund-raising groups wearing tutus, drinking beer and walking at the very end of it, although the idea does have a certain appeal (anybody wanna join us next year?), but we did get stuck in it when we visited the Dane County Farmer’s Market this morning. Or not exactly in it, but the sidewalks were choked with people much fitter than me wearing spandex with big numbers pinned to their shirts, looking for their place in line. The faster, more in-shape people start at the front of the line; the beer-drinking tutu-wearers tended to filter all the way to the back (the lack of pressure to be in any kind of a hurry or even to finish makes the back of the line all that more appealing to me).

We got our eggs and salad greens and trail cookies and then got out of there toot-sweet, well before the racers filled the streets and made things really crazy.

crazy | 12:08 pm CDT
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