Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The thermometer said it was twenty degrees outside but it was such a bright and sunny morning that I wrapped up in several layers and went for a walk anyway. There haven’t been a lot of opportunities in the past few weeks to take a leisurely walk, not without being forced to take into consideration the very real possibility of freezing to death. I hate being cold, but I absolutely loathe freezing to death, so I haven’t done a lot of strolling lately.

Turned out I was being wildly optimistic about being able to stay warm in twenty degree weather, even under all the layers I was wearing. There was a biting wind behind the sub-freezing temps that went right through my clothes and chilled me even though I was trotting along at a respectably quick pace. Even so, I took a 1.5 mile route around the neighborhood that kept me on the move for twenty-five minutes, not a bad pace considering the snow and slush I had to hoof through.

hoofing it | 1:25 pm CDT
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