Sunday, September 15th, 2013

RRbookshelvesThe Lost Continent Railway occupies a lot of real estate, most of it at chest level. I wanted to stand alongside the right of way instead of looking down at it. That left quite a lot of room underneath the bench that the layout’s built on, room that I had barely begun to make use of until this afternoon when I knocked together some shelves that would hold the couple hundred pounds of books I’ve collected. Until now, they’ve been gradually bowing the shelves of a chipboard book case that I desperately need to get out of the basement to give it a little more breathing space. The three-quarter inch plywood shelves in this corner of the layout holds all the books and has a little room left over. The shelves also do double-duty as a rock-solid anchor for the bench. Not bad for a couple hours’ work.

splinters | 10:04 pm CDT
Category: hobby, LoCo Rwy, play
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