stinky kitty

Bonkers got a bath last night. We don’t usually bathe The Bonk – actually, we have historically avoided bathing either of the cats. We’ve bathed Bonk twice before, if memory serves, and I’m pretty sure we’ve never bathed Boo. I feel confident in saying that she would not allow it.

But The Bonk needed bathing. The poor old fart’s getting pretty drooly in his old age, so when he grooms himself these days he ends up coated in an extra-thick layer of his own slime. The resulting smell is, ah, shall we say ‘potent.’ If you’ve never been exposed to the repellent odor of cat spit, consider yourself lucky. There’s no scent quite like it.

So I filled up a bucket with warm water, then scooped Bonk up off the floor, carried him to the bathtub and dropped him in it. Then I ladled warm water over him with a big plastic beer cup until he looked like a drowned rat. Cats are hilarious-looking when they’re wet. You’ve just got to get a cat so you can see that at least once in your life.

And then I soaped him up with cat shampoo. This is really a thing. I don’t know what makes it different from the shampoo that I use, other than the outrageous price. I’d be willing to bet there’s no difference at all. It’s probably just baby shampoo in a smaller bottle.

He put up with the whole ordeal like a champ. No, actually, he put up with being bathed. He did not put up with being toweled off. I wrapped him up in a great big bath towel after squeegeeing as much of the water off him as possible. He put up with about ten seconds of that before squirming free and making a beeline for the door. I managed to catch him before he got away and towel him off for about ten seconds more before he got away again. I let him stamp around the living room trying to get the water and the stink off him before I wrapped him up once more and got him about as dry as he was going to let me.

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