Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The snow is gone, I’m happy to report. I went for a long walk yesterday on my lunch break and the only snow I saw was those big piles that get heaped up along the edges of parking lots by the guys with the snow plows on their pickup trucks, but it doesn’t even look like snow because of all the dirt and gravel and dog shit and orange cones and bicycles and et cetera that gets rolled up together with the snow. Because of that, it’s officially garbage. It doesn’t even count as snow.

The rest of the landscape was gloriously snow-free, so of course it was a mess. Meltwater was running and pooling everywhere, especially in what was once the grass but is now one vast expanse after another of mucky quicksand. If I ventured experimentally off the sidewalk in any direction my shoes sank almost immediately into it, so I stuck to the pavement where I could make good time walking up to Willy Street, over to Saint Vinnie’s, then down to the river and back to the office.

snow-free | 6:01 am CST
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