Monday, March 11th, 2013

main control boardI spent just about the whole weekend up to my elbows in an extra-large helping of copper-wire spaghetti, not because I was involved in yet another home improvement project, like fixing the garage door opener that’s still spread out in pieces across my work bench, but because I was playing with my choo-choo trains. A man’s gotta have his priorities.

Some of it, like the stuff behind the control board of the Lost Continent Railway, was easy to get at because I attached the board to the bench with hinges so it flips out and all the guts of the thing are exposed. Easy-peasy.

Some of the wiring, though, snakes around through the spaces between the track and the bench and seem to be all but impossible to get to, but really it’s not impossible. All I have to do is crawl under the bench on my aching knees, scrape my bleeding knuckles across the rough edges of the plywood as I thread the wire to the right place, then crawl almost all the way back out and try to stand up while I’m still underneath the bench so I bang my head. Every. Single. Time.

So maybe you can see it’s with no small sense of relief that I can finally say the trains of the Lost Continent Railway can finally run from one end of the track to the other.

Well, after just a little troubleshooting, they do. The first train I tried to send around the west loop wouldn’t move much faster than a slow crawl no matter how far I cranked the throttle open. That usually indicates a short circuit, which I have to sheepishly admit took me most of an afternoon to find. The west loop itself was the short. Duh. I think that’s in chapter two of Model Railroading For Dummies.

Here’s a short video of one of the first trips around the Lost Continent Railway made by a long, sleek, streamlined passenger car (all the trains on the LoCo are passenger trains – I got a great big thing for passenger trains) and, because you’re my favorite visitor, I’ve even thrown in a train crash at the end. You’re welcome.

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