Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Trains moving along the LoCo RwyAfter spending a good three hours wiring the control board, trains are finally moving under their own power along the Lost Continent Railway!

I ran a steamer up the inside stretch of track first, then the diesel. The steamer seemed to slip a lot, even though it was pulling only a tender and three short cars. Not sure there’s anything I can do about that. The diesel is a good puller, easily dragging a rake of five cars all the way around two curves and through the crossings.

I can’t run trains along the outside stretch of track until I fix the crossover on the low end. It’s shorting out the circuit and I can’t isolate it without simply cutting it out, which I’ll do anyway when a replacement crossing arrives in the mail some time next week, so I’ll just wait. I can push a string of cars up the outside track with my finger, though, to make for a slightly more interesting photo.

Action along the LoCo Rwy | 5:58 pm CDT
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