Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

beer brewing homebrewing homebrewer wort carboy fermentationOh yay. Two batches of beer going at the same time: a Belgian abbey on the left and a stout on the right.

The abbey is Batch #6, the slow-starter I was fretting over for two days until I finally got fermentation kickstarted by giving it a warm bath. Now it’s got a heating pad underneath to keep it from getting cold and sluggish but it doesn’t seem to need it now; fermentation is so vigorous that its temp hasn’t dropped below 69 degrees since I took it out of its bath.

The stout is Batch #7, mixed up brand-new yesterday afternoon, and it wasn’t bashful at all about getting all frothy and bubbly. It greeted me first thing this morning with a thick head of foam and the happy blurping of CO2 from its airlock.

Thank you, Mighty Universe, for the glory of beer, possibly the most significant consequence of the big bang.

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