Saturday, November 17th, 2012

home brewed beer, better than anything you can get in a store! No matter how conceited that sounds, I'm sticking to that story and you can't shoot me down until you've had some so come on over!Bottling Day!

This is Batch #5, which I had hoped would be a less-hoppy beer than any of my previous brews — “less hoppy” meaning “a beer that My Darling B would drink.” I cut the amount of hops in half so the brew wouldn’t taste nearly as bitter as the previous batches, not counting #4, the batch that tastes like dishwater with a little sugar thrown in. Gonna drink it all, though. Not gonna throw out beer.

I gave B a sample of the beer from this batch that was left over after bottling. Her first comment: “Hmmmm. A little hoppy.”

Back to the drawing board.

Batch #5 | 4:05 pm CST
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