The Road

We watched The Road last night. I’m still not sure why we did that. We’d all read the book and knew that it was going to be bleak and depressing and yet, when given a choice between that and Star Trek, we all opted for The Road. I guess we just wanted to emotionally beat ourselves up for two hours.

There’s nothing to tell, really. Like the book, it’s about a man and his son walking through an apocalyptic world in which everything is dead, there is no food and almost everyone they meet is either a cannibal or dying. There is no apparent ending in sight that anyone would consider uplifting or happy or good. It’s the kind of movie you can enjoy best if you’re drunk out of your mind or contemplating suicide and need a little push to get you there.

I’m not trying to put you off the movie. It was well-made and pretty faithful to the book, if that’s important to you. The part of the boy was really exceptionally well-played by someone I’ve never heard of, but he’s a sixteen year old Australian so it’s not really so odd that I’ve never seen him. I’m saying only that it’s not a movie you should watch to escape the cares and woes of the world. I’m saying that this movie condenses all the cares and woes that have ever occurred or will occur and injects them into your brain in just two hours. So buckle up.

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