Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Brew Day! And it’s about freaking time. I’ve been so lazy these past months that there’s not much home brew left in the basement lair, so it’s time to brew like a crazy man. This time, I’m going for a dark beer that’s not too bitter and has a mild nose. Let’s see how this recipe works:

2:15 Put the a big pot of water on the cajun cooker and cranked up the heat. Made a ploughman’s platter of pretzels, cheese and smoked salmon to put me in the right frame of mind for brewing. Oh, and a pint of Hinterland’s Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock. It’s not a proper ploughman’s platter if you don’t have beer.

3:00 With the water at a low boil, I dropped in a bag stuffed with 1 lb TF&S Dark Crystal (I) to give it color and body, or, as the label on the bag puts it: “Adds caramel sweetness and reddish to deep red hues depending on quantity used. Aids in head retention and contributes sweetness, body and caramel flavors. Used in a variety of reddish to dark ales and lagers. Typical color 83-90L” Steeped the crystal malt for 30 minutes, fished it out, let it drain and turned down the heat to go on to the next step:

3:30 Slowly added 8 pounds of dried malt extract (DME) while stirring constantly to break up the little dumpling-like blobs of DME. Took about ten minutes. When the DME was completely dissolved, I dropped in the wort chiller, turned up the flame and kept stirring until the mix came to a boil again, or 15 mins, whichever comes first.

3:55 Not quite boiling yet. Add 1/2 oz Northern Brewer hops pellets anyway. These are the bittering hops (alpha acid 10.6%). “Aroma is medium to strong evergreen, wood and mint.” I used them in a brew like this one before and that turned out pretty good.

4:00 Boiling again.

4:10 Add 1/2 oz Northern Brewer hops pellets for a little more bitterness.

4:25 Add 1 oz Cascade hops pellets to finish.

4:35 Fished all the hops out of the wort and carried the pot into the basement, where I connected the wort chiller to a faucet and let cold water run through it for about fifteen minutes to bring the temp down below 70 degrees.

5:00 Put it to bed in the carboy, pitched the yeast. Tastes like dishwater with a little sugar in it. O.G. 1070.

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