Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Best story I have about anybody with an extraordinary name: I once knew a woman named Koweena Sucksdorf. She pronounced it exactly the way it looks. I met her while I was attending a four-week seminar where, on the first day, the instructor introduced himself and then, in the tradition that was as time-honored as it was painful, turned to each of us and asked what our names were and where we were from.

I was sitting right next to Koweena, so it was her turn after I finished up with the short version of my life’s story. She began her introduction by saying, “My name is Koweena Sucksdorf…” and didn’t get any farther because the instructor exploded in a volley of donkey laughter. He managed to regain control of his body from the stupid half of his brain after a few uncomfortable moments, and even tried to cover his blunder by saying something like, “Oh, what a pretty name,” but by then there were no words that could possibly have prevented Koweena from cutting him to pieces with the laser-like glare of her eyes.

Name Game | 8:26 pm CST
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