Once Upon A Time In America

“I think we’ve stuck with this long enough,” My Darling B said after we had watched about forty-five minutes of Once Upon A Time In America. “Any time you want to put an end to this is okay with me.”

This is supposed to be Sergio Leone’s best movie ever. For my money, Leone’s best movie would have to be For A Few Dollars More. The scene where Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood shoot the hell out of each other’s hats to prove who’s the baddest honcho was way better than anything I saw in forty-five minutes of watching Once Upon A Time In America.

In case you decide to watch this movie, don’t get too worried about the apparent lack of dialog. If you just stick with it for at least twenty minutes, the characters will start talking instead of just blowing each other’s brains out. Oops, spoilers.

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