face up

image of the Milky Way in the night sky“Unlike other animals, humans are quite comfortable sleeping on our backs. This simple fact affords us a view of the boundless night sky as we fall asleep, allowing us to dream about our place in the cosmos and to wonder what lies undiscovered in the worlds beyond.

The effect is to leave us restless for want of a plan to discover. We know in our minds, but especially in our hearts, the value to our culture of new voyages and the new vistas they provide. Because without them, our culture stalls and our species withers. And we might as well go to sleep facing down.”


6 thoughts on “face up

    1. Not sure what you’re implying. Is Dr. Tyson kinky in some way that I should be aware of? I asked The Mighty Google but came up with nothing, which is really strange considering some of the things I’ve seen written on the internet about him. And now, somewhere in google’s memory, the search terms “neil degrasse tyson kinky” are associated with my name for all time.


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