Monday, August 6th, 2012

image of celebration following successful landing of Curiosity rover on MarsI crawled into bed at about one-thirty this morning after staying up half the night to watch NASA land a robot on Mars.

“Did your thing happen?” My Darling B asked dreamily, as I settled into a comfortable spot.

“Yes, my thing happened,” I told her. Space geekery is “my thing.”

Then tried to fall asleep. Mostly, though, I failed because WE JUST LANDED A GODDAMN ROBOT THE SIZE OF A FORD EXPLORER ON MARS! And when I say “we,” I mean “that bunch of very smart people of which I am not one at the Jet Propulsion lab,” the same way Green Bay Packers fans say “We won!” when what they mean is “a bunch of professional athletes we hired, and through which we participate vicariously in football, won!” They’re some articulate fuckers, those Packers fans.

I used to get up, or stay awake until odd hours to watch other rocket launches when I was younger, and my youthful exuberance kept me plenty jazzed to get me through those episodes, but I may be getting a little too old for this stuff now. My eyes were very heavy-lidded and stinging as I tried to keep them open way past my bed time.

Once we got to within an hour of landing, though, it was a little easier to stay awake. The enthusiasm of the flight team came across on the video feed and I was bouncing up and down with them when the rover finally sent back the thumbs-up that it was safely on the surface. And when it sent back a photo of its own wheel just minutes after landing, even a really tiny photo, well, that was just pandemonium.

They had to get back to work, though, because they had this robot on Mars to look after, and I had to get to bed because I had this job to go do at the office in the morning.

I did not dream of robots, naked or otherwise, thank goodness.

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