Want some books? I’ve been in the basement lair this morning weeding books from our collection. Lots of the books have got to go. We’ve been hanging on to so many books that we don’t read and, so far as I know, have no sentimental attachment to, and I’ve collected – no, a more accurate word would be hoarded way too many novelty books over the years from thrift stores. They were fun to bring home and riff through, but they’re just taking up too much space now and we don’t have any place for them except in heaps on the floor, which I just can’t abide any longer.

So I’m piling them up in two different heaps on one side of the room now: One heap of books that I think I can take to Half Price Books and exchange for a little gelt, and books that I’ll have to either toss or haul to the thrift store to get them out of our house. The second pile is a lot bigger that the first.

3 thoughts on “weeds

  1. Weeding is a good thing! I love thinning out the book herd.

    If you have reference books, popular fiction, and paperbacks in your discard pile, the Jail Library Group would be glad to have them:


    The group can sometimes do pickups for bigger donations. Feel free to email me with questions.


  2. You should email Nichole with a list of titles you’re ready to get rid of. Bet you wish you hadn’t tossed the gardening books, eh!


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