Bonker’s medical condition has deteriorated to the point that he has a lot of trouble swallowing. He’s not as miserably sick as he was when the symptoms first began to manifest themselves. He still likes to sit in my lap. he still has his purr. But there’s a big knot of something bulging from the roof of his mouth and it’s big enough that it interferes with swallowing. To drink water, he has to dunk his snout in it and snorkle it up, instead of lapping daintily the way cats usually do. I think it’s also paralyzing the right side of his face so that he can’t close his lips all the way. He leaves trails of dribbled water all over the floor as he walks away from the dish. We keep a mop handy to clean up after him.


  1. The Seanster · June 20, 2012

    Poor Bonkie. I hope to love that little guy up some when I come to visit in July.


  2. B · June 22, 2012

    You can love him up all you want! While you’re at it, you can clean him up (and clean up after him) all you want, too!


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