Thursday, May 17th, 2012

image of Apollo 8 CSMThis, my friend, is a space ship. You may have seen space ships on television and at the movies flashing through the skies, piloted by steely-eyed men who flew by the seats of their pants. It makes for pretty good drama. The difference between those space ships and the one in this photo, though, and the difference is somewhat significant, is that this one is real.

In fact, I’ve seen it, or at least the pointy part of it, where the people sat. It’s an exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, just a few hours’ drive from where I’m sitting on my skinny butt typing these words. Think of that. There’s a space ship on display in a museum. An artifact of history, sitting where I could walk up to it and press my nose against the window to get a good look inside. Makes me just about wet myself to recall the memory.

Even weirder, it’s an old space ship. They built this jalopy about forty-five years ago. You don’t see too many cars on the road any more that are as old as forty-five. I was barely tall enough to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl when three guys flew this thing around the moon over the Christmas holiday in 1968. They flew a couple laps around it, taking pictures and putting on a little television show that I must have watched, because astronauts were my thing back then. I wish I could remember it, but the brain cells that were entrusted with that memory must have withered away many moons ago. Hah. Moons. I didn’t even mean to do that.

There isn’t a space ship in the world now that can do what this old can did back then. Bummer.

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