Thursday, April 19th, 2012

After Monsieur Lazhar, My Darling B and I stopped in at The Icon to relax between shows with a couple glasses of wine and maybe a few tapas for snacks. Okay, this has been bugging me all night: What’s the correct plural for tapas, anybody? Or is that already a plural? Wait, I’ll check the wikipediatapa means a lid or a cover and describes a slice of bread or meat placed over a glass of wine to keep the fruit flies out. Savvy bar owners put salty toppings on the bread and made sure the meat was salty so the customers would drink more wine. So it’s a scam that turned into an upscale way to eat snacks, really.

There are no fruit flies at The Icon. The food is good and they have so many wines that I chose one by scanning down the list until I found the Shiraz and picked the first one that was from Australia. You really can’t go wrong that way. They grow some delicious Shiraz in Australia. My Darling B ordered some deviled eggs, olives and a plate of little bread slices with ham, tomato and cheese slices. It was perfect for just before dinner time, when we were starting to feel hungry, but our stomachs weren’t really gnawing at us yet.

The Icon wasn’t very busy at all when we showed up, which amazed the hell out of me. I guess I expect that everyone’s as into the film fest as we are and will all have the same idea, to drop in for a drink and some noshies right after the show, but no. It didn’t fill up until fifteen or twenty minutes after we sat down. Worked out well. Service was quick and very friendly, even though the staff was obviously a little flustered by a network outage that killed all their cash registers. They were tallying up orders on plain white slips of paper and accepting only cash. That’s how we pay when we eat out, though, so it didn’t throw us for a loop.

And then we were off, racing down State Street to the Chazen to catch the next flick. If we’d known what we were in for, we probably wouldn’t have been in such a hurry.

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