After The Thin Man After the Thin Man is a movie so unlike The Thin Man that it hardly counts as a sequel.

In the first movie, Nick and Nora drink more gin than any two people have ever drunk at any time in human history. And, incidentally, there’s a murder mystery that gets solved more or less accidentally when Nick invites all of the suspects to his house for a dinner party. After gabbing about the few facts in the case he’s overheard from a friendly police inspector, one of the suspects tries to shoot him. Whether it’s because the suspect is afraid of being caught, or because he’s tired of listening to Nick, is something of a loose end.

In the second movie, Nick and Nora drink one cocktail each in two or maybe three scenes, and Nick does some actual detective work this time, sneaking into apartments and finding secret compartments, although at the end of the movie he solves the crime by falling back on the tactic of corralling all the suspects in one room and rehashing the facts of the case until one of the suspects pulls a gun. It turned out to be the one guy My Darling B suspected the minute he appeared on-screen because it was the one guy she really, really did not want to be the bad guy. But he was. Spoiler alert.

Maybe Nick and Nora will get back to having some fun in Another Thin Man, and Asta will ditch that tramp that keeps running around on him.

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