Friday, February 24th, 2012

I bought a diesel engine choo-choo at the train show last weekend and it’s taken me until tonight to finally put it on the track and run it back and forth. With that lack of commitment I have to ask myself: Do I really deserve this?

But after listening to that engine purr and watching the little headlight flash as it pulled six long passenger cars around a wide curve, I have to answer myself: Oh, hell yes!

I’ve been working on the LoCo in fits and starts, a little here, a little there in between long breaks away from the layout that were filled with trips to the hardware store to buy pipe and other gadgets needed to fix broken plumbing or replace a burnt-out light switches. To make those trips to the hardware store pay off, I picked up a couple DPDT switches, wood glue and other widgets I’d need for the layout eventually. I can multitask.

I’ve advanced the track to the point in the center of the layout where I’ll have to build about a half-dozen switches. I ordered thirty feet of flex track in anticipation of a few long nights in the basement, stripping rails from the road bed, rolling in into tight curves, cutting it to length, filing the points and soldering the whole mess together. I also anticipate a lot of cussing, burnt fingers, cussing, deep cuts, and cussing. Can’t wait. Ought to be fun.

choo-choo | 6:00 am CDT
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