This is going to be my ramen bowl from now on.

I have a ramen bowl from Japan that I’ll keep and maybe use once in a while, but this one’s going to be my regular ramen bowl. It’s just the right size, has a color scheme that’s very pleasing to the eye (the photo doesn’t really do it justice), and is easy to pick up so I can slurp the last of the broth right out of the bowl.

I picked it up at this year’s Souper Bowl, the fund raiser that Habitat for Humanity puts on every year. We’ve been going for at least four years now, maybe five, we’re not sure. And we weren’t sure if we were going to make it this year; My Darling B forgot to order tickets before the deadline on February 2nd, but we went early enough to be the first in line, only had to wait about an hour for the doors to open, and got in with no trouble at all.

My bowl was the very first bowl on the end of the table as we came in. I picked it up right away and held it as we slowly worked our way down the long, long table, reviewing all the bowls, looking for one that was better than the one we already had in our hands. B swapped hers out several times. I never found one I liked better.

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