We didn’t go anywhere for dinner tonight. We stayed in, ate salad with slices of foccacia dipped in olive oil and some nice gouda cheese on the side, and listened to the governor give the state of the state address. “Why do you want to listen to that?” I asked My Darling B. “You know it’s only going to piss you off.” She knew, but she wanted to know what she was going to be pissed off about, so we scarfed up lots of good oil-soaked bread and cheese while listening to the never-ending applause of a hundred loyal party members wildly, almost uncontrollably cheering every single freaking sentence that passed the governor’s lips. And then we watched what was probably the funniest interview I’ve ever seen on Steven Colbert’s show. Maurice Sendak is either the funniest author I’ve ever heard speak, or he’s the scariest. I’ll decide later. Probably while I’m asleep, and wake up in a head-to-toe sweat. Here’s the interview; see what you think.

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