I broke my new coffee toy this morning. I caught a bad case of butter fingers while I was washing the dishes and dropped a cocktail shaker into the dish pan which, unfortunately, was where the upper globe of the vacuum coffee maker was waiting to be washed off. Caved in one whole side of the damned thing. “Shit!” I barked, “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Because it’s important to cuss when something like this happens. I don’t know why, but it is. Scared the hell out of B, though. She thought I cut myself, or worse, and ran over to help, but when she saw what had happened she was appropriately sympathetic.

I was just about in tears. I’d found that coffee maker within a week of starting a search for it. The glass ones usually go for eighty bucks or more, but I’d managed to snag it for just forty dollars. I figured I’d be able to find a replacement but that it would take a few weeks. As luck would have it, though, a quick search on e-bay found not one, but two people selling just the globe at very reasonable prices, so I’ve got a bid in on one and I’m watching the other. I might even buy them both, now that I’m dropping things.

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