Last Friday was the thirteenth! It was the thirteenth, and we didn’t realize it until after we were both at work! WHERE WERE WE GOING TO EAT?

Back in January, 2006, we started a tradition of eating a really good dinner at a really nice place on Friday the thirteenth, when we decided, on a whim, to check out Peppino’s on Hamilton Street. We had dinner there every Friday the thirteenth for almost four years until, sadly, they closed up shop in 2010. We’ve been searching ever since for just the right restaurant to take its place.

Last night, again on a whim, we stopped at Bellini, an Italian restaurant just three blocks off capitol square on East Washington, and our experience put Bellini on the short list of places we’ll consider as a replacement for Peppino’s. I had spaghetti with meatballs and sausages. My Darling B tried shrimp in cream sauce with big, flat noodles. Both dishes were delicious. And the bar served the frou-frou drinks that B just loves. Their wine list wasn’t bad, either.

We still miss the cozy, intimate setting of Peppino’s, but the food might call us back next Friday the thirteenth.

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