Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I’m staying home from work today on account of the scratchy throat and puggled-up head that kept me awake most of the night. I could have dosed myself up with powerful over-the-counter drugs and toughed it out at work, infecting everyone I crossed paths with, but I don’t know anybody at work I dislike that much, so I called in sick – actually, this being the 21st century, I sent e-mail – and went back to bed. I even managed to get a little sleep between swallowing gobs of whatever it is that’s been draining from my sinuses. (Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.)

Oddly, the cats didn’t come in to bunk with me at first. They usually can’t wait for one or both of us to go to bed so they can stretch out alongside us and render us immobile or too hot, usually both, but they left me alone for the few hours I managed to sleep until a woodpecker began hammering on the side of the house. The little red-capped woodpeckers that look so cute at the bird feeder in the winter keep coming to our house, one of the last in the neighborhood with its original cedar siding, to peck holes in it. We’ll probably have to get vinyl siding some day because of those little bastards.

It’s amazing how much noise a two-ounce bird can make. I thought at first he’d peck a couple times, realize there weren’t any bugs to be had because this is a house, not a tree, and fly away, but noooooooo. He seemed perfectly happy to keep pecking away and probably would have for hours if I hadn’t leaned out the window and slapped the side of the house with my hand to scare him off. Then, since I was up anyway, I put on a robe and sat in the rocker reading web comics while I polished off a big bowl of my favorite vanilla almond granola. It almost made me feel normal again. When I was done, though, I put everything away and headed off to bed again to doze fitfully for another several hours.

This time Bonkers followed me in and, after kneading my butt in a futile attempt to fluff it up a bit, he stretched out alongside me and went to sleep. When I woke up later Boo was in bed with me, too, and I know this because they were having quite a rambunctious tussle and, lucky me, I was in the middle. I swept Boo clean off the bed with one leg before I was fully awake and she sulked all the way to the living room. She’s young. She’ll get over it.

I can only sleep so long, even when I’m feeling pretty good, so I finally crawled out of bed about a half-hour ago to make myself a piping-hot cuppa Earl Grey tea to soothe my aching throat, and it worked so well I’m thinking of brewing another cup and snorting the whole thing up my nose.

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