Monday, September 19th, 2011

image of trackwork on the Lost Continent Railway

The track gang has had all summer to lie in the sun, but now that the dogs days have passed it’s time to get back to work. This crossing has been on the mind of the chief engineer all summer while he’s been at home mowing the lawn and painting window frames, even while he’s been trying to relax on the deck with a Tom Collins in one hand and his best girl’s hand in the other. He finally picked up the phone last Sunday night and asked Astrid at the telephone exchange to ring the track boss on the party line. “It’s about time to get this behind us,” he announced to Dominic. “Round up the boys and tell them we start laying track this week. I want to have trains rolling on the lower end of the Lost Continent before leaves start to fall.”

This is the bit I’ve been dreading and eagerly anticipating at the same time all summer long. I knew I would have to build this crossing from scratch because nobody sells a Code 83 19-degree crossing with a slight bend to the outside on either track, and I couldn’t fudge it with the closest thing I could find at the store, a 25-degree crossing, so I started tinkering with a soldering iron and lengths of rail stripped from old flex track. Never having handlaid any track before in my life, I knew I would misfire more than once. My first attempt was horrific. The second, passable. This one benefits from lots of lessons learned and is even showing promise it might prove to be the charmed third time. We’ll see. I have yet to fit two of the rails to form the diamond, and even if I can get that right I’m already sure I’ll have to figure out how to get a razor saw into the flangeways to make them a little wider. But it’s promising.

on track | 10:42 pm CDT
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