Once again, we thought it would be a good idea to turn off the air conditioning last night, I suppose because it became somewhat less than hot. There was even a slight breeze blowing, deceptively lulling us into believing that the weather might even be cooling off. What a couple of boneheads we were.

For a short time, while the inside of the house was still chilled from the air conditioning running all day long, we were able to sleep but, not long past midnight, we both woke up and after that couldn’t manage anything but fitful semi-sleep, even though I got up and turned the overhead fan on. That only succeeded in mixing up the hot, stuffy air and my brain remained at a boil, preventing me from realizing that I ought to turn the airco back on. All I could manage to do was lay on top of the sheets and sweat.

A light rain came in the morning and really did cool things off, though. I even opened the windows and the front door to let the Merry Little Breezes dance through the house. That lasted until around ten o’clock when the Horrible Smothering Humditty Monster came and I had to kill him by closing all the windows back up again and cranking up the A/C.

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