Saturday, June 4th, 2011

We’re just back from Burgers & Brew, the annual fund-raiser put on by the REAP Food Group at the Capital Brewery. There, that’s about as many links as one sentence should be forced to hold.

We got there about forty minutes early. It was blazing hot. The prospect of standing in the hot, hot sun for upwards of forty minutes made me think all kinds of things that might otherwise be considered outlandishly extravagant were now perfectly acceptable, so when one of the volunteers announced that members of REAP would be allowed in early, we decided right then and there to become REAP members, and hang the cost. And not only did we get in early, we also got to go stand in a line that was in the shade. Best decision we made all day.

The people who set up Burgers & Brew learned well from the soggy experience of last year when it rained all afternoon. The event still took place, and lots of people still showed up, but they were cooking burgers in the rain, and we were eating burgers in the rain, and the rain never stopped. This year, the side of the beer garden where they cook the burgers was covered by a carnival tent. Very clever, Burgers & Brew! And even though it wasn’t pouring down rain, we still appreciated being able to wait for our burgers in the shade, where it was only ninety degrees, instead of hot enough to melt pig iron the way it was out in the sunshine.

The burgers were just as delicious as ever, and the beers get better and better. Either that, or I know how to appreciate the beers now. Maybe the burgers are getting better, too, and I’m just not sophisticated enough to know. Either way, I got to spend a perfectly lovely day in a garden eating burgers and drinking beer with the most lovely girl I know. Can’t ask for a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

burgers and brew | 7:44 pm CST
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