Monday, May 30th, 2011

image of the Lost Continent Railway

The track gang finished laying the roadbed around the three-track loop a little more than a week ago. They did it so quickly and so well that, when they finished and lined up at the pay car, they found to their pleasant surprise that I’d authorized the clerk to dole out a bonus of five silver dollars to each of them for their much-appreciated work. I didn’t lay eyes on them again until the very early hours of Thursday morning when they dragged their hungover asses into the bunkhouse and slept until late Friday afternoon when I sent Dominick Books, the boss of the track gang, over there to wake them up, a job that he did with relish. I heard he used a fire hose.

The boys worked the rest of the weekend into dusk on Friday grading the right of way and laying roadbed through the approach to the loop, and did a damned good job of it, everything laid out according to the plan. Even Cadwallader, the chief engineer, was pleased with it, and that was after he dragged the chains and transit out there to measure the geometry and make sure the crossover and switches would end up in the right place. The Old Cad is a man widely known never to have smiled at his own mother, but he had a grin on his ugly mug and was even whistling when he sauntered back to the office yesterday evening, plans rolled up under his arm.

After talking it over with Dominick about what might be an appropriate token of my appreciation, we agreed that putting a double sawbuck on the bar at The Thirsty Camel would give them a good head start on their day off this holiday weekend. They drank it up in under an hour but Patch, the manager at the Camel, put the rest on their tab, knowing that next Friday is payday.

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