The Cajun Strangers were playing at the Harmony Bar on Atwood Ave last night. My Darling B and I saw them once before at the same place and they were a lot of fun even though we quickly found out we didn’t know how to dance to their music. We ended up kind of jumping around or swing dancing, which worked just fine and didn’t seem to bother anybody, so we had a pretty good time.

This time around, we got there good and early so we would have plenty of time to grab a bite to eat, then take part in the cajun two-step dance lessons that were offered about an hour before the band started playing. It turned out to be deceptively easy: one-two-three and pause, then repeat. There were twirlies and other fun little zigs and zags you could add on, but one-two-three pause turned out to be just about all we could handle after only one lesson.

When the band kicked in we tried every way we could think of to make that dance step work, but somehow it eluded us. I kept steering B into other people and we fell out of step more times than I cared to count. And the cajun waltz was even worse. We could do the basic step just fine, but I couldn’t figure out how to fit the twirlies and other fun stuff into it, the whole reason for waltzing in the first place.

We ended up simply swing dancing to all the fast tunes and sort of jumping around to almost everything else. And we sat out quite a few of the tunes. Four long days spent digging up the garden under a hot sun had My Darling B well and truly worn out. She’s looking forward to spending a whole day sitting at a desk doing nothing more strenuous than shuffling papers.

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