My Darling B doesn’t quite have the hang of this “beck and call” thing. I told her, I’m at your beck and call to help in the garden all day long, and she starts off, “Here’s what you can do to help … you don’t have to do this right now, just whenever you feel like it…” That’s not really calling the shots, that’s just making a suggestion. “No, honey, here’s what you do,” I said, “You say: Grab that weeder and cut all those dandelions down right now!” But she couldn’t do it. I think she seriously underestimates the power of her beck.


  1. Gary*J · May 20, 2011

    I treat all my wife’s utterances as a beck. But sometimes I don’t know when to call. according to her.


    • Dave · May 20, 2011

      A wise policy. Her every beck is my command. She still doesn’t get that. Oh, well.


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