I ate my first bug today. That makes it officially summer, doesn’t it?

In point of fact I sucked it up my nose while I was riding my bike home from work and went right through a cloud of gnats. It was probably more than one. Couldn’t get it out with an air hankie so I had to pull off to the side, get my real hankie out of my pocket and blow, then dig a little bit, then blow some more, then wipe. Sniff in and out to test it. Blow some more, wipe again. Sniff. Sniff again. Seemed like I got it after a few tries. Made it all the way back home without snorfling up any more.

3 thoughts on “Bugged

  1. Why do you seem to aim to give us all the willies when we read your blog with all your illnesses and bowel disorders and bodily oozings? Why would you do that? Why? You know we can’t NOT read it so just stop.


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