Slowly, tentatively, I’m adjusting to the warm(er) weather. Monday night, I peeled off the topmost quilt layer on my side of the bed. On the other half of the bed, My Darling B was sleeping with, I think, just a sheet, and laughing at me. She’s always been the warm one, and I’ve always been the one who has to bundle up.

Even though I rolled back the topmost quilt, that still left me with a quilt over a blanket, more than enough, I thought, to keep me warm all night. It was more than enough, all right. I woke up after about an hour because I was too hot and had to peel off another layer. Also because I had gas, but I don’t think that had anything to do with the quilt.

It was just a little cooler last night so I had to keep the blanket and the quilt on all night, and the morning commute is going to be a bit of a test to see just how badly I want to keep biking to work. At least I don’t have the chills all day in the office.

The ride to work is a lot easier thanks to the NEW! NEW! NEW! pavement that was laid along the first mile or so of Monona Drive. When they widened it, they were even good enough to mark off three feet from the curb for a bike lane so the SUVs, pickups and delivery trucks aren’t grazing me as they go past. Shooting the bottleneck between Buckeye Road and Cottage Grove Road still gets my heart going, but it’s a short distance, maybe two hundred yards long, and at seven in the morning the traffic isn’t all that thick yet. If it is, I ride on the sidewalk all the way to the bike trail. Might as well; there are no pedestrians.

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