Saturday, April 9th, 2011

I woke up this morning pinned down by a cat on either side of me, as I so often do. If you don’t have cats, imagine a pair of those worm-like sandbags you buy to put in the trunk of your car for winter traction. Now imagine them atop your bed covers, one on either side of you, snuggled up close. It’s like being shrink-wrapped.

To get out of bed for the quick trip to the bathroom, I had to either slither straight up like getting out of a sleeping bag without unzipping it, or curl an arm around the outboard cat and scoop him up and over myself as I slid underneath. I was in a bit of a rush so I opted for the second method this morning.

When I returned to bed the cats were both curled up at the foot, apparently because my early-morning clumping around disturbed their sweet slumber. Without any cats to circumnavigate I could slide right in and cuddle up next to My Darling B for another hour of light napping.

When I woke up at about the time I usually get out of bed to make breakfast (coffee), they were both back on station. Bonkers was the outboard cat again, and Boo had managed to worm her way in between us, the warmest spot. I don’t know what kind of a paper-rock-scissors game they play to determine who gets what, but Boo seems to wind up with the privileged spot most often.

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