Monday, April 4th, 2011

image of model train benchwork

Just because I haven’t been posting updates about my project to rebuild the LoCo Railway doesn’t mean I haven’t been tacking on a little benchwork here and a little more there to keep the project going. Whenever I can find twenty minutes or so I sneak down to the basement to see what I can add to it, but there’s been quite a lot going on during the past two weeks to keep me from doing much. For the past five days I’ve spent all day every day downtown with My Darling B at the 13th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival, not thinking of work or anything else except relaxing in a darkened room watching beautifully made films. And the weekend before that I was … well, I can’t remember what we were doing the weekend before that, but it kept me really busy.

Instead of going straight back to work the day after the film fest, My Darling B got the brilliant idea of taking off the Monday after so we could enjoy an emergency back-up, time-delayed weekend during which we could sit around in our pajamas, reading the paper and sipping coffee, in order to put ourselves in the right frame of mind to go back to the office. Did us a world of good.

After this morning’s coffee and pajamas, I stole a few hours this afternoon to cut some plywood for the stretch of road that runs past the front side of the layout. The ply had to be screwed down to the benchwork so it was level from side to side, and so that it ran slightly uphill the long way. Took a bit longer to figure out than I thought it would, but I got there eventually.

Progress! | 9:37 pm CDT
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