Friday, February 25th, 2011

The announcement that there’d soon be a movie released about Apollo 18 caught my eye because it had the word “Apollo” in it and because there was no 18th mission to the moon. This monster movie is supposed to explain why that is, which got me all jazzed up because, you know, rockets and astronauts on the moon!

Apparently, it’s about the “secret” last mission to the moon, and – I’m going to go into curmudgeon mode on you here – I guess I have to ask: How exactly do you secretly launch a three hundred sixty-foot tall rocket into space? It takes weeks to assemble one, in a building that’s almost five hundred feet tall, and takes days to move one out to the launch pad. When they fire up the engines on one of these things, it make a noise like an exploding atomic bomb. People for miles around can see the three hundred-foot-long flame trailing from it as it climbs into the sky. And the only facility on earth built to launch this gargantuan firecracker is about thirty miles from Orlando. So, yeah, the “secret” part of the premise kind of strains my credulity, but maybe that’s just me.

Apollo 18 | 6:14 pm CDT
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