Monday, February 21st, 2011

image of pro-union demonstration at the Madison capitol building

Wowzers, was it cold on cap square this afternoon! Even so, we wanted to see how many union members would show up for a pro-union rally on the steps of the capitol, and at first it looked like there wouldn’t be more than a couple hundred. When we showed up, there was a smattering of people gathered around the door on the steps of the State Street entrance to the capitol, but in a short time, maybe a half-hour after we showed up, somewhere between one thousand and two thousand people rallied in the sleet and freezing temps.

My Darling B and I stood shivering in the cold as we listened to one speaker after another for about an hour and a half, I think, before we had to take a walk around the building to get our blood flowing again, and we finished our lap around the square by stopping in at Michelangelo’s coffee shop on State Street for a piping hot cuppa. That certainly hit the spot.

By the time we went back the rally had moved off the steps and into the capitol building itself, so we went inside to see what was going on. A small knot of about a dozen people stood in the center of the rotunda beating drums and leading chants, breaking in now and again to give the microphone to teachers and other union members who offered their union’s support, or other testimony to keep the pro-union ball rolling. They even gave the mic to a student with a pro-Walker stance who offered his two cents. He, understandably, wasn’t cheered by the crowd.

It was quite an upbeat crowd. I hope they can keep it up, and even more than that, I hope their dedication amounts to something. The governor doesn’t seem to be willing to budge from any of the conditions set out in his so-called budget repair bill, but the democratic senators who walked out on him say they aren’t willing to come back until he says he’ll negotiate. It’ll be very interesting to see what’ll happen.

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