Saturday, February 5th, 2011

We dined out twice today! First at the Dane County Farmer’s Market, because the breakfast they were serving was biscuits and gravy, and when you say “biscuits and gravy” you’re going to get a visit from My Darling B, and you’d better have a plate of hot biscuits and gravy waiting for her. She adores biscuits and gravy, so whenever it’s featured at a benefit breakfast like the one at the farmer’s market this morning, or it’s on the specials board at Lazy Jane’s, she’s there waiting to pounce on it.

And today was the Souper Bowl, the fundraiser put on once a year by Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. You pays your thirty-five dollars and you gets a bowl of soup, and you get to take home a lovely glazed bowl hand-crafted by an up-and-coming artist at one of the local schools. Habitat gets them to donate hundreds of bowls for the event and we get to pick the one we want to take home. We’ve been going every year for at least five years – we were trying this afternoon to recall just when we started but couldn’t pin it down.

Just to throw a monkey wrench into our plans, the Great Cosmic Machine decided that today would be the day that our car battery died. Climbing into the car the Souper Bowl, I turned the key and got nothing. Not the dreaded click, not a panel of bright lights and a slowly-cranking engine – just nothing. No lights. No cranking. The car didn’t acknowledge in any way at all that I was sitting behind the wheel turning the key, expecting some kind of reply. And this was with no warning at all. We’d driven it to the farmer’s market in the morning, I’d taken it to the hardware store at lunch time, and we drove it across town to West High School without any sign than the battery was going bad. Then, this.

Luckily for us, Tim was in the mood to answer his phone this afternoon. He drove all the way across town to jump-start the car, then followed us out to East Towne Mall where we had the Toyota dealership install a new battery and check out the engine, which was running rough. What a good lad.

We left for the Souper Bowl at quarter till two and didn’t get home until six o’clock, much later than expected. Didn’t screw up our whole day, just the afternoon, but still.

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