Nom Nom Nom

After thinking it over for a couple years, My Darling B & I finally indulged ourselves and signed up to join in on Restaurant Week, the annual festival of stuffing yourself silly with good food at great restaurants in Mad Town. It started on Monday but our pocketbook couldn’t stand the strain of eating out every night of the week, so we selected two nights, Wednesday and Friday, and by “we” I mean that B made all the plans, recommended the best eats and phoned the restaurants to make the reservations, because I wouldn’t recognize a good-looking entree if it slapped me in the face with a freshly-caught trout. Drop a cooked trout on my table, though, and I’ll let you know whether or not I’ll be back for more.

Tonight we dined at Sardine, a restaurant on the lake shore in the Machinery Row building that we’ve been meaning to try for at least the past four years, or ever since it opened. After supping on the pan-in roasted chicken breast in bacon lardon and mushroom ragout, I’m willing to give it five stars because it was just that good. B was just as delighted with the cassoulet she ordered, and we both finished off with the lemon meringue tart, which was very tart. I have to say the wait staff was spot-on with very nearly everything. If only she’d offered us coffee with dessert, we would’ve given her flawless marks.

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