Sean called us as soon as he landed in Denver last night to let us know his trip went without a hitch and he was all right. What a good boy. I know B likes to get the all-clear from him whenever he flies home, same as she likes to use her laptop to check the progress of his flight every fifteen minutes when he’s on the way over. She’s a mommy; it’s what she does, although last night she was already in bed with a book and had crossed that line between reading and nodding off, so she probably wasn’t as attentive as she normally would be.

Sean seems to be one of the crowd that’s always calling somebody on his cell phone just to touch base and exchange hellos. I’ve wondered why I feel absolutely no inclination to do that. I’ve never cared much for chatting on the phone. I guess it just wasn’t gadgety enough. You’d think that now they’ve turned phones into hand-held computers I’d be a lot more into it, but no. It just never took.

I do tend to call B when I travel and let her know I’m okay, though, so in that one small respect I’m in the same league with Sean. And on a trip back from Washington D.C. I texted B to let her know I left the station on time. When she texted a little “pitty-pat” back to me to let me know her heart beat a little faster knowing I was on the way home, I texted the name of the next big city as I went through it (forget what it was) and kept on doing that all the way to Chicago so she could tell how close I was. It was a lot of fun but I’ve never done anything like that since.

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