Together again

And the whole family’s home once again. I drove out to the airport with T-Dawg last night to pick up the Seanster, who somehow arrived so close to his originally scheduled time as to make no difference. I only mention that because the guy’s been haunted by a modern-day travel curse that makes it impossible for his flight to depart on time, ever.

But he was not only at the airport waiting for us, we were able to call him and ask him to wait at the curb for us to pick him up. I’ve always wondered how it’s possible for people to do that, probably because I’ve never picked up anybody on time at the airport. We didn’t even have to shut the engine off, just pull up to the curb and let him jump in. Amazing.

Once home, we crowded around the dinner table and gobbled up bowl after bowl of My Darling B’s delicious home-made chili while catching up, and then spent a couple hours discussing the woes of the world and how we would solve them all if we were in charge. I’m happy to report that, with all our powers combined, we can have it fixed in a jiffy.

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