Miss Pelling

I have trouble spelling things in e-mail. Yes, you are correct, wise ass, I have trouble spelling all the time, but in e-mail my very special problem seems to get magnified so disproportionately that I can’t even get past the salutation without making at least five spelling mistakes, and that is indeed special.

“Drea M.r Joesn:” Oh, screw it.

In my world, “thanks” is always spelled “thnaks.” Always. Even when I slow down to ten words per minute. I think it’s hard-wired somewhere deep inside my cerebellum, or whatever part of the brain does the spelling shit. I have typed it with just two fingers and it still came out “thnaks.”

What I’m working up to is, can we just agree to spell it “thnaks” from now on, so I don’t have to go back and change it every time? I suspect we all spell it that way anyway, don’t we? If you’d let me spell it “thnaks” from now on, I could right mouse over it and click on “add” so the red squiggly line would never mock me ever again. Please?

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